Saturday, 18 April 2015

Searching for the right one

The search for a new corporation to join continues. And it’s not going very well.

I’ve found a few that I might be interested in, but some are not responsive when trying to talk in their public channels, and others have a strange recruitment process that takes way too much time to bother.

Speaking of these kind of processes, I get why some deem it necessary, but why make it so complicated. Just ask people why they want to join and their character API, if you have doubts ask more. I’ve had to fill in tons of questions about both my personal life and eve life in some of these and after a few I just gave up and moved on to the next one.

Same goes with the API keys. Please do not ask me to provide a full key for my trader. I’m already admitting that I have an industrial/trader character to make my ISK, don’t even think that I will be providing you with a full API key.

Although I can understand that corporations need to be protective of their surroundings, especially when in a wormhole, but sometimes these things make people (me at least) just throw away the virtual application and search for the next one.

Which is a shame, because there was one corporation that seemed promising but it just took them way too long to answer my questions and even my application that I’ve given up on them.
On to the next I guess.

At least I have GTA V again to have fun with. It came out on PC last Tuesday and I’m doing the online part of it for the first time with friends. I’ve played it on PS3 too, but the PC version is just WOW.

Stay tuned o/


  1. What are you searching for exactly?

    1. I'm looking for a fun group to play with, willing to take on a "noob" and preferably one in a wormhole. I had fun in a C4, but wasn't able to keep at it with just the two of us

    2. My corp have what you are looking for, except the wormhole part, we prefer Provi.

  2. Seems like you should start doing what you want to do. If you notice others doing it, or become noticed yourself, you should fall in with the right group.

  3. Sorry about that, E'dyn. That is my fault really.
    We wish the best for you and that you find a good corp in WH space.
    Hope to see you and pew you around

  4. ABA and 30plus are both great corps with no demands of any kind but I still feel guilty for not participating enough in corp activities.
    I am going the one man corp route. Plenty of purple fleets, public chats and open roams to satisfy my social needs.

    1. Problem is that as a one-man corp it's not too easy to go into wh.. Plus I get bored easily when there's nobody around to talk with. I'm in plenty of public channels but for some reason I never log in for more than an hour lately because I don't have a real goal anymore.
      When in W-space I could just have fun finding exits etc