Friday, 10 April 2015

Investments for the future

I thought it high time to start using a bit more of my ISK. So I decided to put up a few buy orders on PLEX' and Implants.

The PLEX is mostly because the last few weeks I've been thinking of cutting back to using two accounts instead of three, but I still want to use all my characters. I have one account that only has 1 important character on it, and one account with two of them.

So I'm going to be moving the characters around a bit.

Come to think of it, I was going to move the 2 characters, but I should probably just move the one.. Silly me.

I'll have to check how long the accounts are still paid for but I'm guessing one of the two will end soonish and once that happens I need to figure out how to work this.

It's a bit silly, it would be cheaper for me to move one character, but I'm kind of attached to the account name.

Anyone else had issues with something like this?

stay tuned, I'll try to update more frequently again.


  1. Does one of your characters have a T2 caldari raptor? If so use him/her to scout out areas in lowsec in search of player wrecks. I spent a week doing this, and sometimes I would walk away with 4m in an hours time and other times I would walk away with 60m. At the end of the week I had 200m? Decent way to make quick cash if you sell to the highest buyer. You can easily make enough money and then some to buy a plex

    1. Oh I can easily buy a PLEX, I just currently don't fully use all three of my accounts and figured that it would be cheaper in the end to just go back to two.

      Only problem is that I don't really like the idea of spending ISK on plex despite being able to PLEX for a few years if I wanted to do so

    2. I see. Well if you don't use all of them fully, then drop one that doesn't benefit you as much as the rest. When you need him/her again resub. I haven't really run into this problem seeing how I use all my characters constantly. I hope Ive helped in some way. If I haven't, I wish I could have been more helpful.

    3. It's always helpfull to have someone else's insight on matters like these, thank you ;)