Saturday, 21 February 2015

Too many copies

A few months ago I decided that once I was through all my T1 copies I’d try something new in my manufacturing. Turns out I first should have checked my copies before stating this. 
With the new way industry works these days copies don’t get destroyed when you try to invent them into their T2 equivalent.

Which means that if you have copies with 300 runs, you can actually try to invent from them 300 times. 
I did not know this since I don’t pay much attention when doing my clicking of the day, but I noticed this a few days ago when I tried to figure out why my amount of T1 copies wasn’t going down.

As it stands now I have about 200 copies with all around the 300 runs still on them. So maybe I should just put them somewhere for the time being and just start something new. Seeing as it will still take me months before I get through my current stock.

This new way of working is good though. It used to annoy me to no end that I had to keep making copies of my BPO’s just to do my invention, turns out that right now I could just work with 30 copies for a few months instead of needing my stock of hundreds.
I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

As for the rest, I’m currently on the lookout for something to do with my combat alt(s), I’m doing a few missions when I log in and browsing the corporation forums, trying to figure out if there’s anything out there I could join. Because as most of you know, EvE is more fun when you play it in a group.

Stay tuned o7


  1. What I like most is when inventing T2 bpc's you can run multiple invention jobs at once from a single bpc.

    1. Yes, as far as I know this is new since their industry revamp and I love that little feature, I found out about it a few months ago and it saved me so many clicks already

  2. You know you can set off multiple invention jobs don’t you, so you can invent say 10 at do and it will run each invention 1 after the other. I normally run as many as it take to complete in a 22 hour cycle, giving me enough time to come home and collect the successes.

    1. This is what I do, I run about 4 cycles which gives around 24-25 hours of invention time meaning that I can turn on the next cycle the day afterwards.. But the amount of copies are huge :)