Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Failed once more

You win some, you lose some. And these days I’ve been on a losing streak when it comes to trying out new things.

 As some of you know I was searching for a null sec corporation to join but didn’t really like the idea of CTA’s. And there’s a good reason for it. In general whenever I read about null, I don’t really like what I see. And my latest experiment only showed me that my gut feeling wasn’t wrong.

Please note, that in this blog I might seem extremely negative towards the people I joined. However this is negativity towards null sec and the mindset towards it. The people I joined were actually extremely friendly and fun to chat with. The mindset of the alliance however, was not something for me. You’ll see why.

I joined a null sec corporation/alliance about a week and half ago. In that time I haven’t done much at all. Not because I didn’t want to, but due to silly rules and the fact that I didn’t want to be on TeamSpeak.

The people in the corporation were nice when I said hi in the chat, I immediately got some help in getting set up with a ratter, told where to find contracts for their pvp doctrines etc. etc. 
It didn’t take long until I was ready in a Dominix to blow some rats and earn some isk. Once I undocked, I went on to one of the anomalies, released my sentries and got ready to blap. Not 5 minutes after undocking I noticed that people in corp were asking me why I wasn’t on coms. Prepare for 'Strike one'

For my job I tend to have a a lot of meetings during the day, where I listen to people talk about what needs to be done, and where I tell other people what's going to be done. This happens in live meetings seeing that I'm in Belgium, and the other people are all over the world. 
Wearing a headset gives me a headache due to me not enjoying noise much since I had an accident few years ago. So when I get home, I don’t really want to get on voice coms unless I join a fleet because you do need some coordination and just typing isn't going to give you fast enough reaction times. But not when I’m just out ratting. 

That was my first mistake, figuring that people wouldn’t need me to be on coms because there was nothing going on. But for some strange reason people are so afraid of losing ships that I needed to be on coms so they could warn me if somebody came through to our systems. 

Somebody.. Not a fleet, no, just one person, one guy/girl who isn’t part of the alliance or it’s blues and I was expected to dock up. 
In the few minutes that they explained this to me I had cleared one wave of the rats, and then, as luck would have it, a neutral turned up in local. One lonely guy, probably just moving around in null a bit, but they told me to dock up, because who knows, he might be part of a bigger fleet, or drop a cyno on me.

Strike two.

If someone were to drop a cyno, on my 250m ratting Dominix just for that kill, I’d smile and tip my hat to him/her. I really didn’t understand what the big deal was for one neutral, but I docked up and seethed slightly, wondering what I would do in the meanwhile. There was no talk about hunting the intruder down, it was better to wait it out. 
After that I logged out for the weekend, not wanting to log back in. When I logged back in on Sunday evening, I had about 10-20 EvEmails about CTA's. I didn't really bother reading them because most of those were at times that I had better things to do. 

Yesterday, my friend joined in an operation with them. A big fleet was going to go out on a roam looking for fights. Turned out that my friend, due to the fact that he could only fly an inty, he was expected to just make pings, wasn’t even allowed to join in on the fight.

Strike three.. All of these things, are the reason why I flew back to Jita an hour ago.

I know that highsec "carebears" are something that null sec people like to laugh with. But isn't ratting thesame? If you dock up as soon as a stranger comes into your system, doesn't that make you worse than the carefree bear that doesn't care. 

Null sec might be fun for some people, but not for me. I’d rather see some action or do new things. So on to the next project.. I’m going to go back to exploring wormhole space, but from my own little hub. We’ll see what happens. 
Wormhole space was entertaining because you only see who's with you, once they uncloak right on top of you. It seems like I like the way that works.

Stay tuned o7


  1. o/ Drop me a line or visit our public channel : STRXP Public sometime. Have spoken a few times with Avaritia Ut-totus about a possible wormhole alliance but if you're looking for a wormhole corp, would love to talk with you.

    1. I'll come and say hi ;) I'll probably be daytripping a bit the next few days/weeks

  2. You are like me! Except I have another, fancier nullsec corp, maybe you should just look after another one. Or... go full with ABA!

    No, I am not affiliated in any ways with Eveoganda; i am just the usual trader who reads you. I swear.

    1. Wish I knew what that abbreviation meant :)

      That said, I think I'll just have to do way more research when joining a corporation next time.. My history is making me seem as if I'm a corp hopper

    2. A Band Apart (ABA), Rixx Javixx alliance which gathers the lowsec pirates of Stay Frosty and a few other corps.
      I think Rixx success is exactly coming from what you describe: he just does *not* impose things on members, except self-respect possibly.

  3. If you cant follow easy rules then you shouldn't really be in 0.0... rather carebear solo.
    1 .You don't need to have your headset on, just use your speakers... just say "Hi" when joining TS
    2 .When a neut enters local you warp out! You most not feed anyone kills or they will return and hotdrop you constantly...
    3. If you can only bring a ceptor then be prepared to only make pings. That is normal! Learn the doctrines and press F1 when needed. CTAs aren't something people like to do, but you have to defend your space! If you want to play in 0.0 you need to accept these conditions. If you can't accept these, then go back to HS and do Spectrefleets.
    Sorry, had to get the above out of my system as what you posted really got my gears grinding :) You mentallity is not "alwaysanoob" but rather a "HS bittervet carebear"!

    1. I understand that what I posted would grind some gears for people, I don't mind people calling me out for things, everyone is allowed to have his/her own opinion.

      As for the hs bittervet carebear part. I'm not sure if I'm a bittervet, I still enjoy the game, it's just that the silly rules that null sec alliances employ grinded my gears.

      It's a playstyle I do not like because I don't like being told to get on comms when there's no reason to.
      I don't want to dock up just because of one silly local neut. I'd rather just blap him instead of be afraid for a hotdrop that may or may not happen.

      With that kind of mentality I could just grab a cloaky and go idle in a null sec system just to mess with people because of the way they play.

    2. If his post is a HS bittervet carebear post, consider yourself a NS bittervet carebear.

      Rules? Ok, I can live with that. CTA's? Ok I can live with that, but not if they're 7days a week.
      Doctrines. Seen a lot of nullsec corps recruit people and telling them that his SP is good enough for doctrines, only to find out that you have to completely retrain into other skills.
      Pings.. Yeah pings can be worth it, but damn it's fun as a newbro to come in and watch the fleet from 250km away!

      If he's a HS bittervet, I guess I should ocnsider myself one as well. Though, I might just drop by in null in a cloaky ship to have a nice chat with the null bittervets. Seems fun :).

  4. It just goes to show who the most risk adverse players are... It's not the high sec players, it's the null sec boys.