Saturday, 23 August 2014

Safety is relative

It’s been ages since I last got blown up. And never before did something like this happen to me. Today, I got blown up while moving a bunch of stuff to Jita in my manufacturing alt.

I usually fly with my Blockade Runner (Viator), this is because it’s faster than flying an Iteron and I have a cloak. A cloak that I normally turn on, but didn’t this time. It’s only 4 jumps though, so you think: what’s the worst that can happen.

Well today the worst that could happen is me flying around with about 500 T2’s in my cargo and having it shot out of the sky. According to the kill mail the total worth of this guy’s kill was about 700m, give or take a few.

No big deal in itself, but I just really, really liked my little Roadrunner. I made it myself. Now I need to go and make a second one. Although it still stings a bit, seeing as I had decided to use that bunch of items to be the last for a few weeks. Now I need to start on it again.

Lessons learnt, you’re never really safe when flying around. Most people know that, but when you haven’t had any kills or deaths for over 7 months, you get dulled into a sense of safety.

"Rest in pieces"


  1. I look at it as a cost of doing business. If you get nailed with a valuable load of cargo it might hurt a bit but you make up for it soon enough.

    I fly BRs on auto a lot, I've only lost one in hi sec in over a year and it was empty so no big loss. I'll take those odds every time!

  2. Deepspace transports IMHO is where its at, tanked up you have to be really dedicated to take them out. Not that much slower semi-afk, but obviously a chunk more if your on auto, but thats just a choice of how valuable your cargo is.

  3. Also, if you are the loss I suspect you are, if you are having to fit anything other than speed mods in your lows, definately just switch to a DST.

    1. I'm pretty sure that I am indeed said loss :)
      I knew that I wasn't too well fit, it was a fit I've had for a few years now and never changed. Now have an actual viator fit instead of a viator with cargo expansion.

      That said, she never went in null/low so didn't think much about the fit other than: "I need to take more, but still like being cloaky"

    2. Yeah but if youre happy to be there to click cloak, you may aswell be there to press jump for a deep space transport, and if you afk longer than expected you also happen to have a super high tank.

      I like my blockade runners but theyre just better shuttles in high sec now.

    3. I'll have a look into them ;) Thanks