Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What about wormholes?

Plans, you make them, you break them.

I have so many things in my mind that I’d like to do but I just don’t do them. So many things I want to try out but don’t have the time for them.

A few days ago I was asked if I was interested in joining a Wormhole corporation. Which made me start to think about living in one.

They intrigue me, I love the idea of wormholes, I like the fact that there are no stations and that you need to provide for yourself. And as I said in the past, I’ve actually had a bit of fun in a few already, both PvE and PvP wise.

The one big problem I have with them, is the fact that I’d need to be able to scan. Which is one of the many things in the game that I suck at. 

I have the correct skills, all at IV or better, and yet I can’t find anything even if it meant saving my own life.
A while ago I went into null with a cheetah just to check if I could train and get better at scanning. I knew there were sigs, I knew where to find them. 
And yet it still took me over an hour before I finally scanned down two of them. Two, out of (give or take) eight. While I know that there are people out there who can do it much, much faster. It’s safe to say that the idea of scanning even more quickly turned into disgust.

This, along with some things I hear about them, and the limited experience I have in wormholes, makes me think that I might not be put out for it.

I just don’t have the patience to scan down things, to wait at a wormhole for someone to pop up. Even to go out hunting for ours through different ones only to get stranded when it collapses behind me. Something we all know happens.

"Someday we'll be together"

But if not wormholes, what am I going to do? I need to get out of high sec because it’s keeping me down, I’m not actually doing anything and haven’t done so in quite a while.

The answer? Low sec.
The new problem that came from this? “What corporation”

So now I’m going to go and search for a corporation, willing to take me on. Maybe one that’s noob friendly, because I know for a fact that if I go out for a kill solo. I’m going to get my ass kicked and my frozen corps handed to me on a platter.

Let’s see where this path I put myself on leads.

Stay tuned o7 


  1. Are you thinking FW or just low sec?
    My list of rss feeds has quite a few low sec player blogs in it and my first choice would be to either find one of those corps or pick someone of that list I want to shoot at and then join a hostile corp in the same area :)

    Then again, I am not a true pvp-er and it's only very occasionaly that I want to undock and shoot someone.

    1. Low Sec in general. FW is something I might do in the future with an alt of mine that has been trained up for it but I'd need more experience in PvP first. Despite the fact that according to what I read FW isn't really much PvP

  2. FW, try Aideron Robotics. They claim to be noob friendly and offer a lot of help. And they are Gallente, fighting the evil Caldari Scum (yes I am biased).

    As for Wormholes - it is a very different way of playing the game. I prefer it to all other modes (that I have seen). But yes, it will take a lot of scanning, a lot of patience to get a kill. And ISK isn't as good as people make you believe it. What I like most is the tight-knit community. If you are ready to try it, give me a call (Epigene in game)

    1. Yes, not every hole is an isk fountain, but at the same time, with an account of characters skilled for PI, and in the right hole, you can easily plex a single account and have isk left over. And that's before running sites :)

      But, yes, if you can't manage the scan interface, even after watching the tutorials, yeah, w-space may not be for you. I do promise, though, that between practicing in highsec and reading the tutorials, you, too can master scanning :)

      FW might be a good fit, if you want instant PvP. I spent a month in FW and got loads of small gang, small ship PvP. Plus, you can make money doing it :) Oh, and my small gang PvP experience at the time? Nil. That's the beauty of it, so spend maybe 10 - 15 mill on some T1 frig setups and then spend time going out and learning by fighting. And if you lose them all, so what, it's only 15 mil, tops :) Then rinse and repeat :)