Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 has arrived

Happy New Year to all four of you reading this blog!

Now that we're done with that, let's go back to EvE. December was a quiet month for me, real life I've been busier than usual and due to Steam sales and spending more time with my friends and girlfriend, I was slacking on the game a bit.

I did try out a few new things and I will be doing that some more in the New Year, seeing that I still want to go out in wormholes and see if I can kill some sleepers. I might even go check out null a bit, seeing that I have gotten an invite to join on a few roams with a guy I know that's settled in Null.

Industry wise I've been slacking the most, I didn't feel like calculating the logistic side of manufacturing this month so I've basically done nothing more than checking if I could manufacture items from what I had in stock, so my lines have been shut down the past few weeks. I will change that this week seeing that I'm doing invention again.

Speaking of which, I've been thinking about creating, or even buying a new science alt. One that I can use to invent more or just have my research chugging along, seeing that I only have one industrial character and a large POS that only I use, I figured that maybe having a second indy alt wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Trading wise I've been fairly quiet too. I made a bit of profit on some items and loss on others. I've had a few 0.01 iskers send me angry eve-mails, which brought a smile to my face. And I've played the game trying out a few new items. My plan for this month is to actually do some research on more items instead of only selling and buying the items I use and manufacture.

I might also decide to move to another hub with my trader just because I want to see the action there, it's not the smartest idea to do so if I don't have the correct standings, but I don't have them in the hub I work now and honestly don't care that much about it, I'm just trying to figure out the market a bit and make a small profit from it.

Speaking of profit, according to jEveAssets and my Aura tool on android, my profit for this month was about 2b, so that's not too bad for not doing much. I still have way too much ISK in my wallet though.
I need to start investing this, I just need to figure out in what. As everyone knows, you have to spend money to earn money, and this amount is not earning me anything as long as it stays in my wallet.

I'm starting this year with a total of 3 accounts and 6 Characters. I have 2 unused slots left and one of the characters is just a placeholder for a dummy corporation I created a few months ago.

If all goes well this year, I will be filling these slots and I might even start dual training.

Here's to the new year!

Stay tuned o7

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