Monday, 2 December 2013

Every day, you learn something new.

As it turns out, I'm not that good at scanning. Whether it is partly due to my lack of skills or because I just suck at it in general. I'm just bad at it.

I found that out while trying to check if I could scan things in a high sec area. It took me about 20 minutes to resolve the one gas site that I found there. Twenty whole minutes.
Scanning ship, at your service

Makes me wonder how bad I'll be at this if I tried it in w-space. And I don't feel like training it right now because I have other plans in my queue. I'm currently training to finally be able to fly a Loki. I already have all the subsystems in place, the only thing missing is Minmatar Cruiser V.. Which will take me 17 more days, I guess that just goes to show that I should plan things better than I do right now.

But! The good news is that I finally finished Gallente Battleship V so my Machariel now has the full bonuses for both the Battleship skills. And most people know, I really, really love my Machariel.

Which makes it even better for me that people seem to want to get rid of theirs, the prices of Pirate faction battleships has been dropping ever since Rubicon hit.
The whispers I heard say that this is because of the warp speed changes, making them rather slow. But I still love my Mach, it's my first baby and I will treasure her/him/it forever.

And in other news, turns out that I forgot to enable auto subscription on my main account so I lost 14 hours of training..Darn

Stay tuned o7


  1. You get better at scanning with practice and skills.

    And yes, many people are shedding their pirate faction battleships because of the warp speed changes. Risk vs Reward and all of that.

    The side effect is the price may drop to make them worth having but it will be a long term course.

    1. Looking forward to seeing them drop some more. I use my Machariel for PvE anyhow, so the warp change doesn't affect me that much :D

      Going to get myself a Nightmare too then

  2. I'll second Sugar Kyle. Scanning gets easier the more you do it. When I first tried I didn't know that you could move the screen around by holding the right mouse button. Trying to arrange individual probes while zoomed out at awkward angles was pretty tricky. A few hundred (thousand?) scans later it is now second nature.

    1. Hundred scans before I get the hang of it? *gulps* That's going to suck :D

      Getting the scanning skills up will probably help too, that and sisters launcher and probes