Sunday, 24 November 2013

Trading and other things

I started a station trader a few weeks ago. I don't think I'm very good at it. I think I'm just a bit too lazy to do the research which would be good to sell and what wouldn't be.

I made him start out with 100m and am currently working with a 1b buy order and 400m in sell orders. He was working in Dodixie but I decided to go to Amarr since it's a bit closer to where I usually am at with my other characters and I actually haul things between Jita and Amarr every once in a while if the goods I manufacture sell for more there.

While trading I kept thinking who on earth would sit in front of his or her computer all day updating the orders for 0.01 isk. That has got to be the most boring way to spend your game time. Some of the people who do it are probably botters but still.

I like undercutting them with bigger margins though. As long as I make a profit, even if it's only 5%, I'm a happy camper.

Working as a station trader is helping me get to know the market a bit more, I can see why some goods sell well, others don't. But I've only been working it for a few weeks and have yet to get that 'Eureka' moment where I know of a few goods that I can invest in and sell in order to get my billions a month.

But it's fun, it's new, it's .. Well not very exciting but at least I'm doing something new.

Speaking of doing something new. I've had a few offers from Wormhole corporations, and one in particular was a bit interesting,  I'm going to try them out, be their so called "Guinea pig" 

Yay, Viator!


  1. "I like undercutting them with bigger margins though. As long as I make a profit, even if it's only 5%, I'm a happy camper."

    That's the way to do it. You are correct the 0.01 ISK game for no-lifers and bots.

    1. Ridiculous self sabotage masquerading as machismo.

  2. I'm having trouble understanding what benefit you think you're creating when you undercut by huge margins. Perhaps you think you're saving the time of undercutting all day- As in 'well, if we did the .01 isk game all day, we'd eventually end up at -10000 isk, so let me just jump there now'? Or maybe you think you're somehow frustrating the person on the other end into getting out of things? The former is certainly incorrect. You aren't saving time, merely accelerating the downward pressure that your presence in the market was already exuding. The latter is almost certainly incorrect, but you can hope for him deciding to wait you out for a week or so, I suppose. But if you're planning on being anything more than a momentary dabbling outlier, it strikes me as just silly.

    1. By undercutting by huge margins you make sure that the 0.01 iskers "strike" their business for a while. Maybe even going to another good, making it so that you can sell more goods, at a faster rate, without updating them as "much".
      I hate the 0.01 isk game and I don't want to babysit my orders, so I undercut them quite heavily and then watch them every other day.

      I still have my profit, and I have more of it for less time spent on it.

      Playing the 0.01 isk game is a waste of time, where time equals money/isk.

      More ISK to spend means more for me to circulate into more items.

      And quite honestly, a lot of the things are overpriced, so if I undercut, and make sure that the price stays on the cheaper one, I like to think that I'm helping out other people spend less money :)