Wednesday, 6 November 2013

In space, nobody hears you

When I log into the game I usually spend most of my time talking to the few friends I have on there. It's usually the same 3 people.
When they're not online, I tend to get bored easily. Which means that I should find an extra few channels to talk in. I sometimes spend time in the E-uni channel but there's so many people on there that it's a bit too unpersonal for me.

I like getting to know the people in the game with me. I'm social like that.

I flew my bomber for a few hours last night, didn't find much to do, did come across a few gatecamps but I was smart enough to leave those alone, I'm not picking a fight when I am 100% sure I can't win it. If I had a 1% chance of maybe hitting something, I might just get suicidal.

Industry wise everything's going great, I stopped selling things to buy orders (yay me) and make a few million ISK more per produced good I sell, so I'm happy with that.

My RvB alt hasn't seen much action the past few weeks. Another thing I should change soon. Unfortunately due to work I tend to come home quite late, so half the time I only log in the do something for half an hour before I crawl into my bed. Here's hoping that I find more time in the weekends.

Stay tuned! O7


  1. I idle in E-UNI and New Player Training Sessions although I agree that at times they have a bit much chat going on.
    'SEDNA Public' and 'IOS Recruitment' because I considered joining them.
    'Spoonful of Sugar', 'EVEOGANDA' and 'NINVEAH' from blogs.
    Then there are some channels I have to look up and want to join as well like eve radio. And I almost forgot the Angel Project.

    1. Oh, those bloggers have channels too? :O Must join them then! :D

  2. Look me up in game - Mallikanth
    Small C4 WH corp