Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The L-word

A while ago I decided to start up a trading character. Seeing that a lot of people seem to make most of their ISK from trading. I also decided to no longer sell my manufactured goods to buy orders (I know it's horrible that I even did it!).

Now we're a bit further in time and my trading character is doing, okay. He's not doing great, but it's definately not bad either. I gave him a few mill to start with, and he currently has a tenfold of the starting amount.
Which I don't get, at all. Why? Well I still have no idea what I'm doing, I'm just winging it, the whole buy low sell high thing works, but I have yet to figure out the goods to trade and the why behind of it.

Well I think we all know the why behind of it, but it makes no sense. People are lazy. That is the only reason that some make a lot of money on them. It's easy, people don't want to spend their time jumping around to get their goods, they want one point where they can get them.

The perfect example for this is Jita, everyone knows that if you need something, Jita is more than likely the best place to find it. And it's true, you will find it and chances are you won't find it anywhere cheaper nearby. I'm guilty of doing this myself, I go to Jita when I need something, but I live 4 blocks away from the hub.

I'm still searching for the right combination of buying and selling though, right now I've just been lucky, scouring the markets for something to buy I suddenly find sell orders that go for way too little, I buy them, relist them and blamo, I've got a profit margin of 15-30%. It's not that hard a job either.

But it does take time, especially when you haven't got a focus point yet, as I told you earlier, I'm winging it. So I'm not doing one set of items, I'm looking at EVERYTHING. And that's a lot of items, too many even.

Despite the fact that it works, I'm not doing that anymore, I currently have 100m on the trading alt, and I'm searching for the right investment to put it in. I hate browsing the market for hours ;)

Stay tuned o7


  1. I keep a spreadsheet of items that sell consistently well. When I run out of stock and when the Jita price is good I just buy from Jita and ship it to my trading alts.

    I don't think people are that lazy - its just that a 4m ISK profit to a new trader that sells a module for 16m having bought it from Jita for 12m means something. But to a player with 1bn in the wallet who wants to spend an hour playing then that additional 4m is worth the price.

  2. Markets don't love me, I see an item that is sold in Jita for 15% less as in Amarr or another hub, I buy a stack, move it to Amarr for relisting, sell 1-3 of my stack of 25 and then I get undercut and have to hope my items sell somewhere in the next three months.
    Same reason why I often sell PI products to buy orders. It gives instant money without having to wait months for a supply to sell. Sure, I get 5% less profit but the money can be reinvested immediately instead of having it tied up. If buy and sell orders are within 2% of each other the margin is lost in taxes anyway.

    When I lived in nullsec I would move a blockade runner from Jita - K-8 but in the end I felt it wasn't worth the effort to compete with players that had a jump freighter or carrier and could move 50 times my volume in a tenth of the time.
    But compared to high sec trading it was definately worth it. Lower volumes but higher margins.