Saturday, 7 September 2013

It has happened

After months of reading EVE blogs, I have finally decided to start one myself. I've had this idea in my head for quite some time now, and I haven't got a clue if anyone will actually read this but at least I'll have a medium to get my thoughts out, and isn't that what this is all about?

Let me introduce myself, I'm a 24 year old guy, born and raised in a tiny country called Belgium, which is in Europe, for those of you who flunked geography. I've been playing EvE Online on and off again for the past couple of, years I guess.

The first time I turned on EVE I was around 18 and heavily playing other MMO's like WoW, EQ, you name it I've probably played it. But as most people who came to the game, I had absolutely no idea what was going on and it didn't take too long for me to just go back to WoW (I know, shame on me). At the time the tutorials were non-existant, or at least everything was super confusing.

Fast forward a few more years, I read about one of the biggest scams in EvE history and once more my curiosity piqued. So, I fired up a trial, and started to play, to my surprise there were now nice tutorials and a help system that actually made sense, so I finished them and decided that I wanted to do combat. After joining a few noob channels I started to learn more about the game and combat. But, again I stopped playing after a month or two, the lure of Fantasy mmo's was too strong at the time.

Last year I really got into EvE, so much that after a while playing my combat account, I decided to go for an industrialist. Which, in my eyes at the time was an alt account I could use to afk mine while I was doing L3's. That account soon turned into a salvager to follow me in the missions and in the past month I have tried my hand on industry.

This blog will not be particular about combat or industry, this will be about what I want to write about that happens in the EvE universe, or at least what I know that happens... Which is, I'm ashamed to say, not a lot.

See you among the stars o7

My current two characters, Indy/Combat


  1. Good luck m8. Doing an EVE blog is a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. Definitely worth it IMHO.

  2. Good luck with your EvE Blog !

  3. I'm looking forward to your eve discoveries sharing !

  4. Oi, just had to drop by as I am currently situated in Brussels, and my EVE situation seems to be similar. However, for me you are really understating your "starting situation". How many billions of ISK were you starting with, here?

    Just as a comparison: I stopped playing some years ago after I lost some BC in my first attempts at gang warfare in a corp, trying to make sense of contributing fuel rums for a corp POS, without having a plan what to do with it besides having it. I restarted because I am a builder type of player and PI intrigued me. Had about eight million ISK and a Myrmidion cruiser for level 3 missions left to start with, and installed some low sec PI close to Jita. Went well for some weeks, upgraded to a blockade runner until the gate camps (which I somehow had miracusly evaded to a point that I did not even know they existed) finally got to me. Back from about 200 million to about 30 million, and the loss rate did not get better so I had to scrap my lowsec PI operations. I entered EVE-Uni to get help, but all I achieved was that I got myself into a perma-war situation in addition to gatecamps.

    I consolidated and turned to highsec PI, rather profitable for highsec with about 40 million ISK/day for about 1 hour of hauling and setting buy/sell orders. I fancy that pretty good for a single-account, one-char business.

    So, I ask you again, what the hell are you talking about "noob" when you seem to operate easily in the billionS range seemingly from the very start, casually use an Orca, etc.? I have no ideas about invention, POSes, hell, I even have trouble figuring out my next learning queue in order to complement my PI income with a different stream of income (and thanks, one hour trading and hauling per day is enough of that for me), and I dont even want think about all the time consuming meta-overhead involved when starting multi-account gaming (which most people seem to ignore when they brag about their profit per hour).

    So, I hope you understand when I pass you greetings from a REAL noob in the neighbourhood.

    1. Well, there's a difference between what you look at as being a noob, and my definition of it. In general, you are in fact a newb, where as I look at myself as a noob.

      I call myself a noob because, despite my years of experience in other games, and some experience in EvE, I still don't know that much about the game in general, hence the use of the word noob.

      As for my starting assets when I started with the POS, I think it was around 7b in liquid isk, which I used most of and it's now slowly going upwards again.